Pizza Entree as a Healthy Dinner


Arrange for a pizza delivery if you have a deadline to meet at work and you just don't have time to prepare dinner.

Tonight, I had pizza for dinner.  Haven’t had pizza in a long time.  And I don’t care for Pizza Hut or that Domino’s Pizza.  My taste tends to gear towards the “gourmet” even if I had to pay a few more extra dollars.  But I had an incredible discovery tonight.  Pizza Hut, if you ask for extra toppings can taste almost-gourmet as well.  A friend came over and brought the pizza.  As I was famished, I gobbled 2 slices with a cheesy crust in the middle.  There were extra toppings of pepper and sweet juicy tomatoes, and it tasted quite fresh.Here’s the thing.  If you are too burdened by deadlines at work, and you have a few mouths to feed, waiting for you to prepare dinner, there is absolutely nothing to be guilty for if you call in for a pizza pick-up on your way home from work.  When you are in a rush, you still can offer your family a good, healthy meal as if they have been prepared from scratch.  With a hot pre-made pizza  as a base.  A good rule of thumb when you are preparing dinner from scratch is to chop and dice extra vegetables and other ingredients and place them in individual Tupperware.  These fresh goodies will come in handy when time such as tonight does not give you the ability and the time to make dinner with long preparations.  Add little pieces of brocoli and cauliflower for their anti-oxidant benefits.  Your hubby especially, thinks that you are superwoman able to balance life and work by taking the effort to serve healthy meals “made from scratch”.  That good, friendly pizza box can be tossed away and hidden in a trash bin under some pile of old newspaper.   He never has to know that you are just one, smart, practical lady.  Go all out, you gourmet chef, you, by breaking a few washed lettuce leaves and for color, mixing-in strips of red onions, and packaged grated carrots (which you can buy packaged from the fresh produce department of the supermarket) and sprinkling the salad greens with Fresh Gourmet shivered almonds.

– and viola!  Dinner is served.  You’ve survived one dinner past.  And you have yourself and your family a healthy meal!  Kiss the cook.  Demand it.

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